Water tanks
As a first project we wanted to make sure and realize the access to water, preferable clean water but we ran into a few hurdles with this project. We looked for a source and then discussed the drilling process. Unfortunately drilling is very expensive and our existing donations were not sufficient to realize this project. During the dry season it turned out that the mentioned spring/source evaporated. The rainy season was approaching, so we decided to set up water tanks and collect the rainwater from the roofs. From our point of view, that was the best option at the moment.

The construction was completed at exactly the right time and within two weeks all the tanks were filled with rainwater.

The school kitchen provides meals for the children daily. The supplies of corn and beans used to be stored in a schoolroom. In order to optimize the already tight space conditions for the children, we built a pantry with an adjoining room in which the kitchen will be built. At the moment we are still cooking outside on open fire.

Big pots with the possibility to cook on an open fire are extremely expensive and unfortunately we don’t have the money to organize them at the moment.

Other projects are:

  • Finish the kitchen
  • Organize exercise books, writing materials and school uniforms.
  • Hygiene and everything that has to do with it:

This can be done with practical tips or informative materials such as teaching materials.

  • Sponsoring after finishing regular school:

We would like to make it possible for schoolchildren who have the chance to study, for example, to study in Dar es Salaam through sponsorship. We would like to provide on-site support so that the young people are in their familiar surroundings.

  • Careers advice:

We want to create an offer in Nafco where schoolgirls have the opportunity to get to know different professional fields after school. We would like to accompany you on the path to choosing a career and show you the possibilities.


And and and…..The mission is far from over.