mchezo wa rangi

The “mchezo wa rangi” association supports children in Tanzanias Monduli District since 2022.

What does the association stand and what does it aim for?
800 children attend Nafco Primary school, a boys & girls school, which is located close to the Lolkisale village. Most of these children walk long distances on a daily bases to go to school and get an education.

The children have no access to clean water and the sanitary facilities are operated without water.

The aim and the main intention of the association is to make the access of clean water at Nafco Primary school possible and to provide support in their further and higher education.

In order to provide sustainability to the project, the association will engage in examining the options of the children`s future when graduated from Nafco Primary school.

To create hygienic conditions in the kitchen area where daily meals for all students are prepared, as well as facilities to store food.

To develop further and guaranty sustainability in our project and in the Monduli District, we are open to look out for more opportunities to support.

As an association, we further aim to ensure that as many children as possible have the opportunity to attend Nafco Primary School where they will find a motivating learning environment as well as healthy and save conditions to study. By attending school and getting an education the opportunity to support their families rise and lessens the poverty.

     Yolanda Fässler



Construction of pantry and kitchen

Water tanks

for the Nafco Primary School