about us

The aim of the association “mchezo wa rangi”, which means “play of colors” (in English), is to create better and heathier conditions for the children who attend school.? A rainbow makes a link between heaven and earth, it connects, means hope and stands of diversity.


In order to implement the goals of our association, various people from Switzerland and Tanzania are committed with a lot of passion. In the following we introduce you to the people.

Ms Yolanda Fässler
from Sattel in Switzerland as head of the association

The project came about when I was on a safari in Tanzania. I met Daudi on the first safari in December 2020 and soon (2021) we were on safari together again. Since safaris are very expensive, I wanted to go on vacation in Arusha and rented a house. Excursions from there were entirely in my mind. In February 2022 I went to Nafco Primary School for the first time. Daudi showed me the place where he grew up.

I was very impressed how many children go to school there and also that they cook for them every day. But when I saw the dirty water and talked to the director of the school, it was clear to me that I wanted to help create better conditions together with Daudi. This is now an affair of the heart for me. I’ve been successful as Yolanda so far. To make it official, we subsequently founded the association and I still stand by my name for the association’s activities.

I coordinate everything from Switzerland. Apply for donations, check the expenses, compile the accounts and check from time to time on site in Tanzania that the donations are being used appropriately

Mr. Daudi Jeremiah Temba,
in Arusha Tanzania, project coordinator

Daudi grew up in the Monduli district. As a child, he always had to go to school via Lolkisale, so it was a very long way to school. At that time there was no school in Nafco. But he is very grateful that he had the opportunity to go to school.

Later he trained as a safari guide and worked passionately in the profession for many years until Corona came. Unfortunately, hardly any tourists came during this time and he no longer had a job. There is no such good social system in Tanzania as we know it here in Switzerland.

His dream is to start his own business, it’s a very hard road.

Keeping his head down and getting involved, where possible, he has set himself the goal. Having his own school-age children, he knows how important education is and how hard it is when you can’t pay the school fees. All of this made him strong.

Daudi is the local contact and responsible for the purchase of materials, their transport and for the buildings and their supervision.

He has a large network and negotiating skills.


Yolanda Fässler

Annamaria Amgwerd

Daniela Fässler

Astrid Aschwanden